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.:Thursday, December 16, 2010:.
My life is all about training, training and more training.

If u really wanna do well in something, u've got to put in the effort.

If u wanna be better than others, u've got to put in more effort and them.

If u wanna win something for the hall, u've got to fight for it,

wif everything u've got.

I do feel a bit like a professional sportsman now,

or rather, this is the closest feeling i can get to being one,

prob is, we dun get paid.

I juz luv the feeling of satisfaction after training.


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.:Thursday, August 26, 2010:.
3 weeks into the start of school n i've finally hav time to blog!

Oh well, now i'm slacking in D406, which i've considered it to be my new home.

Since i only went back to my hometown Bishan for only 4 hours last weekend.

Parents have been kaopei since i've stayed too much time in hall already.

But the balance has to come sooner or later, to keep everyone happy.

Time management and organisation skills will ready come to handy in hall life.

But in another sense, i'm really enjoying sheares now.

This is a place with a unique culture and friendly ppl.

This is a place where you won't feel like being confined or doing DO duty even if u have to stay behind on wkends.

This is a place where true friendships blossom.

Even if u dunno each other well enough, spending 24hrs a day tgt for almost everyday a week would bond us tgt really well.

To sum it all, i would become an emo boy if i were not staying in hall, which i can't imagine.

Imagine taking an hr to go to sch for a 2 hr lecture and den an hr back home and den study n den sleep, and the next day the cycle repeats...

Tt's definitely not the kind of life i desire.

And the fun's jus started!


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.:Sunday, May 02, 2010:.

not joking this time round.

This is my first post in ages,

and my first visit back to my blog in months.

God knows what has happened here

Even my tagboard is filled wif spammsss

To hell wif those who spammy tagboard
(esp those baka bastards hu used my name)

I dunno who u r

I dunno wad u wan

But i'll find you,

mark my words,

and i'll kill you.

I need to improve on my bballing skills,

and many hours of dedicated training and committment are required.

Problem is,

where do i find all the time?

esp when i'm on double job now

Exercise has become a privilege for me

But heck,

somehow i'll squeeze out the time

and perfect the art of bballing.

At the crossroads now,

where i'm not too bad, but also not too good.

There's only 1 way to go,

and tt's to improve.

Everyone has their signature trademarks

Choi has his mobility, flexibility and crazy shots (aka Lebron)

Sherman has his amazing dribbles, lay-ups and impossible floaters, and also his lethal 3-pt game

Fong has his super butt power and domination in the paint and superb rebounding ability

Bryan (hasn't played for quite a while) has his killing range near the paint and his immense size and physical ability.

But what do i've?

Seems like i do not have a signature style

Sometimes i try to do everything,

and ended up messing up and confusing everyone.

What can i do for myself?

What kind of player shld i become?

Of course, i would luv to be able to combine all their powers tgt and become a unique guy myself.

But is tt possible?

Not if i dun believe in myself.

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.:Friday, February 19, 2010:.
I always thought that relief teaching was one of the best post-ORD jobs,

well, in terms of pay n hrs,

but i was awfully wrong this time.

The amount of sai gang thrown at u is endless.

TO manage kids without any prior experience can be a killer.

TO manage parents, oh well, ur worst nightmare has yet to come.

Whoever says we can zao at 1300hrs everyday is obviously lying,

or has never been in the job before.

True, we are NSFs in the teaching world,

inferior to those REGULAR teachers,

but the amount of work n expectations is definitely way above normal NSF standard.

N we are as usual, underpaid.

Before this, i always thought tt 65 bucks a day is good money for ppl like me,

but judging by the amount of work thrown at me,

we r confirmed underpaid n cheap labour.

R we paid for staying until 5 or 6 everyday to complete our work,

when we r free to leave at 1?

R we paid for bringing scripts back home to mark?

R we paid for working over the wkends, over CNY?

Not to mention the array of random arrows and saikangs.

Ppl thought tt me, who came out army as an officer,

is able to handle kids much better,

but let's face it,


You can't juz throw xtra, confine them, charge them or do wadever u wan.

You hav to answer n find better solutions.

Also, i can drew a few similarities wif army.

Kids like to act blur,

teachers like to protect their asses.

They follow SOP strictly n do things

You also hav to protect ur ass as well.

Oh well, isn't it the same everywhere else?

All these taught me 1 thing,

you have to have the burning passion n patience needed,

in order to fight on in the world of education.

If not u'll be out of the job in a blitz.

Money was never my main motivation in joining.

If it was, i wld hav quit by now.

Trying out jobs n learning life skills r my main drive.

To see the kids grow, get better, learn new stuff n score higher grades is the biggest motivation itself.

You work not for money, not for glory, but for them.

JiaYou to all the struggling relief teachers out dere (like me)

This feels worse than when i first went to my new unit as an officer after i commissioned.

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.:Monday, December 07, 2009:.
It so rare that i get an urge to blog nowadays.

But this is definitely not following motion!

Congrats to all those who finished stand chart yesterday! :)
(Especially myself haha!)

For those who ran their hearts out in their virgin marathon,
(yea me too!)

the experience is definitely amazing!

To be able to survive the whole ordeal

is no easy feat.

Past training have finally paid off.

We are all proud to wear the finisher tee,

definitely one of the most hard-earned shirts in my life.

I'm now one of the less than 1% of the world population,

who can boast to have ran a marathon before.

And to complete it in 4h 55 mins,

a fantastic shocking sub 5 timing,

what more could i ask for?

The process, experience, motivation, torture during those 5 hrs,

not many challenges can compare to that.

At the start line,

you start asking yourself

why are you paying to torture yourself?

But the rewards are certainly sweet.

Not to mention some piss off occasions,

whereby some bugger pour 100+ on my adidas shoes.

A man ran wif 1 arm missing

A man ran and push someone on the wheelchair at the same time.

Old aunties and uncles who ran faster than you.

Things that motivate you along.

especially when you start to walk.

If those guys can do it,

y me, an able-bodies young man cannot??

We still finish wif open arms in the air.

Proud to be a finisher of 42.195!

This is

The time of our life!

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.:Wednesday, November 11, 2009:.
Its always sad to go...

The first day of a civilian being.

With a pretty weird feeling in my heart.

Things that you have been doing everyday for the past 2 years,

suddenly you are out.

suddenly you stopped doing it.

suddenly you dunno what to do

or what will happen to you.

Weird eh, isn't it?

The journey has ended,

a new chapter of life begins.

New challenges ahead.

Jus the same as this period a year ago.

A war has ended,

but another war has started.

All this while,

I might not be able to fulfill the goals i set,

but at the end the day,

when you touch your heart,

and feel that you have not let yourself down

its enough already.

I've learned a lot during this while,

Of Mature thoughts and a better attitude.

Values which will no doubt gain me an edge in the future ahead.

I've enjoyed my time here.

to be able to make it to this stage,

not easy at all.

Tried to extend my stay but MISSION FAILED!

Well, mayb its the right time to leave after all.

Looking back at the first day in Tekong,

when i gave my pink card to some 3SG,

before meeting my falcon mates,

till now,

when i got it back,

I guess i've become a better man.

The transition to a civilian

Civilian or NSF or regular,

It doesn't matter.

Once an officer, always an officer.

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.:Thursday, September 24, 2009:.
"Its time to move on"

Wonder its how long since i last blogged sth abt personal life.

Guess recent events really stirred me a bit.

Hai, but do i really care so much?

Of muddy waters and a crater on the floor

The day when all of us syncho our leaves and went ubin instead.

A long overdue trip.

Peddaling all over Ubin

Leaving biking tracks along the way.

Its been a while since i felt so carefree and so close to nature.

But weather wasn't kind at all,

when we had to stop at least thrice due to inclement weather.

Ehh but come on...we are are soldiers!

Although the lower body hurts a bit.

Wonderful experience as it seems

Ubin's not tt big anyway.

How abt climbing over the fence

to catch a full view of the quarry?

Or trekking thru the swamps of Chek Jawa,

Looking at the tree that never dies in the middle of the deep waters

or having enough ballz to struggle thru the broken jetty,

where the ground moved and creaked as you walked on top of it.

Anyone wans to book the chalet hse @ Chek Jawa??

The same old Thai temple since 6 yrs ago,

when i last set foot here wearing a CaTHiGh shirt

for my camp @ the NPCC campsite

Dun forget to ask the Aussie babe to take pics for us again next time

Hope u guys are not too shag.

Jus kinda make you forget your troubles and into fantasy

Reality check comes in

when you reach changi jetty.


Let me tell u sth

We are officers

We are strong

We take things like a man

We move on.


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